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Ganesha – remover of obstacles

You have finally found your calm center in the eye of the hurricane where you realize that all is love and all is waiting for you. You just have to see it, really see it, and choose.

Don’t hesitate.

All the choices and decisions of life are swirling around you in this hurricane and it’s not so hard to see the ones you should reach out for. They pause for you for just a millisecond and you see them, your heart recognizes them as the path towards your deepest desires and joy. All you have to do is reach out for them and they are yours.

All the other things that don’t serve you are whipping by at high speed and it’s much too hard to grasp on to these things and yet we try with all of our force and will. And we grip and we grasp and we cling and it still gets away.

These things that you desire, that your heart notices, can be yours but just for the moment or the day or the year or the lifetime. You won’t know and your intention is not to cling too tightly to these as well. They have their time and place and need to be released back into the hurricane eventually. You won’t be sad and you won’t regret because other things come swirling by and pause and your heart recognizes and reaches out.

All things come swirling back around. There is always another opportunity to feel it in your heart and this time you aren’t afraid and you reach for it.

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