me and harry

Me at three years old with my dog, Harry.

My passion for nourishing food that encourages vitality and healing emerged from my childhood in rural Alaska. Making, growing, and hunting or catching food was a major part of life. I observed the differences in health and wellness among native population that followed a traditional diet and those that had adopted the “white man’s” diet of processed, packaged foods. Having lived my adult life in more urban environments, I understand how confusing food and nutrition are for most people.

Bristol Bay 1986: Fishing with my sisters.

Fishing with my sisters in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

As important as it is to pay attention to what goes in your body, it is equally important to intuitively understand what your body is asking for from moment to moment. Developing a connection with your body and it’s physiological and spiritual needs is the key to lasting health and vitality. Mindfulness practices allow you to manage this innate healing energy by effortlessly honoring your body with the specific food, movement, or rest it needs.


Me resting in Balasana or Child’s Pose

I received a Bachelor’s degree in ecology & evolutionary biology from Penn State, a Master’s degree in nutritional sciences from San Diego State and my dietetic registration through Utah State University. I’ve trained with Raja Yogis, Michele Hebert and Mehrad Nazari, in Raja Yoga which emphasizes awareness of the state of one’s mind and I’m certified with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher conducting classes at my home studio and other special events. Michael DeFrancisco has been my guide and teacher on my journey into meditation. I’ve also been deeply inspired and influenced by the work and guidance of Heather O’Quinn, mother hen and intuitive healer at Circle Experiences. Through Heather, I was initiated as a blessing giver by Oneness University. My ability to consistently tap into the grace and energetic love through yoga, meditation, and hands-on blessings have been my greatest tools for personal transformation.

me and kids

Me with my son & daughter.

I am so grateful to be living with my son and daughter just steps from Windansea beach in La Jolla, California. Everyday we are able to dig our toes in the sand and eat right out of our garden allowing me to walk my talk. You can smell the salt air from my home studio as I lead yoga and meditation classes including a healthy happy hour alternative, SoupAsana. I also counsel individuals regarding nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices while providing guided cleanses, menu planning, kitchen/pantry overhauls, and market tours in person or via Skype. See Work With Me for more information.

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