“Deep gratitude to you for your monumental role in my life recently! I feel I have undergone a recent quick shift that has all been guided by you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for awakening my awareness and inner strength.” ~E.K., Photographer, La Jolla, CA

“At a time in my life when my instinct was to crawl under a rock because of too much stress,  challenges with my work and health, you helped me open to new possibilities, fearlessness, and to seeing life itself as an adventure, through your nutrition consultations which fixed my health issues and got me excited about new food discoveries, and through the community meditations, which leave me “buzzing” every time. Love love love the newsletter too. From the bottom of my delicious heart – thank you!” ~I.T., Economist, La Jolla, CA

“Salmonberry provides me new ideas to make healthy nutrition choices that meet my personal needs and goals. I really love nourishing food and as a scientist I appreciate Tahirih’s sound, physiological-based nutrition guidance balanced with mindful lifestyle practices.” ~C.S., Environmental Scientist, San Diego, CA

“I love your newsletters! I so look forward to them every week and I read them over and over, try most of the recipes, watch all the videos linked. Digest and dissect what I am learning. And apply it to my life. Thank you for inspiring me every week.” ~A.B., University Administrator, San Diego, CA

“I love the candlelit Salmonberry yoga sessions!  The soup after was just the cherry on top!  Would take another Tahirih class in a second, as it was a wonderful healing experience for the body and mind.” ~J.C., Esthetician, La Jolla, CA

“Salmonberry yoga sessions are each tailored to give the class what it wants, and more importantly, what it needs. I always sleep like a champion after an evening Yoga for Meditation class and SoupAsana is delightful, delicious, and the perfect de-stress for the end of any week.” ~C.B., Business Owner, La Jolla, CA

“I really love Salmonberry’s classes. They are peaceful, yet fun and not intimidating. And they expand into an overall state of well-being by blending together the experience of yoga, mediation, and clean eating, while most other studios only focus on one area or maybe two.” ~Y.L., Jewelry Designer, Encinitas, CA

“Salmonberry yoga classes are small and as a beginner I appreciate the personal attention! The guided mediation has been an gentle, easy introduction to the practice. I feel refreshed, energized, and each class is the most relaxing part of my week.” ~C.S., Environmental Scientist, San Diego, CA

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