Nourish your body and soul with SoupAsana

0215_130502_SalmonberryWhat is it, you say? Its a Linz Sister collaboration. I love teaching. Asiyih loves chopping vegetables (I’m not kidding!). We both love being together in the kitchen. Our desire to spread the love and manifest a healthy Happy Hour alternative drove us to create SoupAsana.

A candlelit, 90-minute yoga class with meditation and deeksha followed by delicious, homemade soup, herbal tea, and spa water. Offerings will be inspired by the season, vegan, organic, based on local availability and, of course, you can bet it will be good for you!barley garbanzo soup bowl

Book it with your friends or come on your own as an opportunity to connect with someone new. The conversations over soup are magical!

RSVP to Max of 6 yogis/class.

THURSDAYS from 6:30-9:30PM

Currently on fall hiatus…check back in the new year

Feel free to join me on Wednesday nights at Belmont Park for Rhythm & Moves.

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